Board & Committees

Join us for a meeting

The Board of Directors meets at 7 p.m. on the third Monday of each month. If you would like to attend one of our meetings, please email for directions and an agenda.

We also have an annual membership meeting once a year to elect board members for terms that are expiring. If you are interested in serving on our board or one of our committees, please email or talk to any of the people listed below.

Board members:

  • President: Roger Lauen
  • Vice President: Jeanne Huber
  • Secretary: John R. Allen
  • Treasurer: M. Wayne Blair
  • Woodshop manager: Bob King
  • Tim Corcoran
  • Dale Spoor
  • Denise Kircher

Committee chairs:

  • Education: Peter Eddy
  • Community Service: Mike Ballou
  • Newsletter: Sam Bardelson
  • Safety policies: Steve Anderson
  • Building: Jeanne Huber
  • Fund-raising/grants: Roger Lauen
  • Fund-raising/membership: Dave & Denise Kircher
  • Membership: Dick Culp
  • Not your typical bus shelter

    Bus shelter framing The first houses in the new Ferncliff Avenue affordable housing project are just beginning to be built, but a beautiful amenity of the neighborhood—a timberframed bus shelter—is already in place. Volunteers from Bainbridge Island Community Woodshop assembled and finished the structure in mid November, using wood from trees that had to be cleared from the site to make way for the development. Coyote Woodworks, a Bainbridge sawmill company, milled the wood, and timberframers at Salisbury Construction cut the joinery. See how the structure took shape.